What to Look for in a Coffee Grinder

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Every morning you look forward to that first delicious cup of coffee. As you explore different roasts, you may have decided you want to explore better ways of making coffee at home. If you think this lies in getting a new coffee maker, be warned.

The best cup of joe comes from beans that have been properly ground. Therefore, you need a great grinder. If you think it adds an extra step every morning to your busy routine, it does. But, it only takes a minute, and it makes your first cup taste so much better that it is worthwhile.

There are two basic types. You can choose from burrs and blade grinders. If you want to get the absolute best flavor from your beans, you want a burr grinder. Find out more about this at www.coffeeinvestigator.com. You can also choose from a grinder that is in a class all by itself, the automatic.

This has two oscillating and serrated plates. These burrs come together to crush and grind the beans. The beans come away evenly ground which makes a difference in how fresh they taste.

Blade grinders use blades to slice the beans. The blades cannot cut them evenly, so they do not have the same freshness as those ground in a burr grinder.

It can be worth it to learn how to use a burr grinder. It makes a huge difference in taste. If you think grinding beans is worth it, and it is, but you are short on time or patience, the automatic grinder is for you.

Pour your beans in and hit the button. While the coffee will not be as flavorful as if ground in a burr grinder, the truth is grinding your beans in any fashion is better than using ground coffee. The oxidation that takes place robs the beans of their true richness. Grinding beans that are fresh releases much more taste.

You can get a whole palate of tastes in your properly ground coffee. Depending on the roast you choose, you might taste cinnamon or brown sugar in your brew according to https://coffeeadvisor24.wordpress.com. Exploring different beans will result in some truly wonderful taste adventures all from the help of your grinder.

Grinders are available in many different price points, too. How much you invest is up to you, but believe that investing in any grinder is going to make your coffee time a much more wonderful experience every time. Find out more on this Weebly blog.

Coffee Obsessed!

I have to admit, I am absolutely obsessed with coffee. Not only is it the greatest beverage on the planet but it has health benefits and gets me going in the morning. Every morning I make a cup of dark roast in my peculator – that’s my favorite way to do it. I gotta tell you, it tastes delicious!

I recently started this blog because I love writing and I love coffee. Feel free to leave a comment below letting me know about your coffee stories. I hope you enjoy the blog.